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Hello my friends! This Wikia is about my The Blocking Dead Wattpad Series. This WIKIA is going to be the new and improved The Blocking Dead fandom because the last one was incomplete. This will be filled with Kill counts, characters, plans, and some will contain spoilers if you didn't see my wattpad yet. Go check mine, Asunderpants69's and Jirache's! Let's see if we can build this into a community!

The Lore of The Blocking Dead Edit

The Blocking Dead is centered around a family that left their son/brother, Derrick Beuko in their house during the first week of the zombie apocalypse. Derrick then meets another survivor named Lex Raider. He tries to help him find his family. Derrick suggests Atlanta, or the deadly city. When Derrick finds his family and other survivors, him and the group try to survive the apocalypse. Some will die, some will survive, but who?

Latest activityEdit

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